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  • 45 ton Gantry Crane
  • 45 ton Gantry Crane
  • 45 ton Gantry Crane

  • 45 ton Gantry Crane
  • 45 ton Gantry Crane
  • 45 ton Gantry Crane

45 ton Gantry Crane

45 ton Gantry Crane

Wireless control 45 ton gantry crane is a heavy duty double girder gantry crane that lifts goods and materials by wireless control System,which make sure the high safety and productivity in modern factory.

(1) high performance components with economical price

(2) easy maintenance and easy replacement of components

(3) corrosion protection


Description of Sinokocranes Wireless Control 45 ton Gantry Crane


The metal structure of the utility model is like a portal frame, and two support feet are installed under the main
beam, and the utility model can be directly carried on the track of the ground, and both ends of the main beam
can be provided with overhanging cantilever beams.

Due to easily manipulate, a remote control gantry crane is widely used in many working environment, such as
the warehouse, harbor, shipyard, hydro power station and some construct sites.

There are mainly two manipulation methods to choose for customers about a gantry crane. These are the ground
control and cabin control.And also can be divided into two different ways, one is the Panel Push Button Type,
and another is Sway Control with rockers.

As a gantry crane manufacturer, we have quite rich experience in the production and design of cranes. Apart from
the 45 ton gantry crane, we provide cranes with various lifting capacities, such as 15 ton, 20 ton, 30 ton, 80 ton and
so on. also provide semi gantry crane,rubber tired gantry crane and rail mounted gantry crane etc.Using the international standards, 45 ton gantry crane in Sinokocranes is of elegant appearance, flexible operation, safe and reliable performance.


Features & Advantages of Sinokocranes Wireless Control 45 ton Gantry Crane

1. Overload protection device

2. Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer

3. Crane traveling limit switch

4. Voltage lower protection function

5. Emergency stop system

6. Lifting height limit device


Technical Parameter of Sinokocranes Wireless Control 45 ton Gantry Crane


Linfting capacityton5-100
Lifting   heightmainm10-12
working environment   temperture-20~40
speedlifting speedMainm/min5.9-9.3
Working system_A5
power source_three-Phase A C 50HZ   380V

We believe that high-classwireless Control 45 ton Gantry Crane with reasonable price would definitely become your superior alternative.Contact us for a quote.



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