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  • 60 ton overhead crane
  • 60 ton overhead crane
  • 60 ton overhead crane
  • 60 ton overhead crane

  • 60 ton overhead crane
  • 60 ton overhead crane
  • 60 ton overhead crane
  • 60 ton overhead crane

60 ton overhead crane

60 ton overhead crane

Sinoko 60 ton overhead crane have such design concepts as small dimension, light dead weight. Compared with traditional cranes, the limiting distance is minimum from hook to wall, and headroom is the lowest, which makes cranes work more close to the front, and lifting height more higher that increases effective working space of workplace.


Sinokocranes proudly presents its 60-ton overhead crane, a robust and reliable lifting solution designed to handle heavy-duty industrial applications. With its exceptional capacity, advanced features, and the trusted brand name of Sinokocranes, this overhead crane is engineered to optimize productivity and ensure safe and efficient operations.

The configurations of lifting trolley are very advanced, such as Schneider electrical, ABM/SEW triple gear motor (three in one: motor, gear box, brake), galvanized high strength wire rope, self-adjusted disk brake, hard tooth reducer, programmable lifting limit switch, and so on.


1. High security

(1)The safety supervises system equipped with overload limiter, and on the monitor it can display the loads value, it can remind the operator to prevent the overload.

(2)Before the start, the entire controller will start self checking, includes: power voltage, default phase, the effective of each safety protective device and zero position of the button.

2. High reliability

(1)Imported motor, the insulation grade is F, and protective grade is IP54, it shall also have over heated and alarming function, the motor cover adopts aluminum alloy to drawing the molding, with better heat dissipation. 

(2)Germany imported reducer, harden face gear, improve the bearing ability, better sealing of the shell, ensure there no grease penetration.

(3)The main electric elements adopts the international brands include Schneider, Siemens, ABB. The protective grade of the electric control box shall no less than IP 54.

(4)The wheel forged by 65Mn alloy steel, with the performance of abrasive resistance, ant fatigue and long service life.

3. Low-energy and maintenance-free

(1) The total power of crane reduce about 30%, energy conservation and environmental protection.

(2) The multi -in-one integrated transmission mechanism has less intermediate ring knot and high transmission efficiency.

(3) Adopt frequency control, high and low speed ratio 1:10, work efficiency increased by more than 20%.

(4) The "Maintenance-free and easy maintenance"design concept reduces customer maintenance costs.

(5) It uses advanced processing technology and high - quality imported components. Its failure rate has been greatly reduced compared to traditional GB crane, helping customers reduce operating costs.


Capacity60 ton
Span6m - 31.5m
Work DutyFEM2M, M5
Protection ClassIP55
Insulation ClassF
Continuing Rate60% (for high-class motor)
Cooling Rate30% higher than normal crane
Over Temperature Protection170℃

The 60-ton overhead crane from Sinokocranes is a top-of-the-line lifting equipment suitable for various industries such as manufacturing, construction, mining, and logistics. This crane combines strength, precision, and durability to meet the demanding requirements of heavy lifting tasks. Whether you need to transport large components, load and unload cargo, or streamline your material handling processes, the 60-ton overhead crane delivers exceptional performance.

Take your heavy lifting operations to new heights with Sinokocranes' 60-ton overhead crane. Experience the power, precision, and reliability that our trusted brand offers. Increase productivity, enhance safety, and streamline your operations with our customizable and robust lifting solution. Contact us today to learn more and elevate your business with Sinokocranes!



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