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Steel Mill Used High Quality Double Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist

Steel Mill Used High Quality Double Girder Overhead Crane with Electric Hoist

QD double girder overhead  crane is a kind of heavy duty crane which can apply to the purpose of lifting & transporting the loads over 10 T and for span of more than 25 m. Comprising of 2 torsion-free box girders, these  cranes such as double girder eot cranes, traveling eot cranes, material handling eot cranes etc., are compatible, when heavy loads and wide spans are required.


QD type electric double beam bridge crane is composed by the bridge frame, crab, trolley travelling mechanism, electrical equipment. This crane is suitable for the workshops, good yards and warehouses of the departments of stations, ports, industrial and mining enterprises, lifting, transporting, loading and unloading all kinds of materials in a fixed span. Depending on the different using frequency, it can be divided into A5, A6,A7 class. The maximum capacity can be up to 450 ton.
The main steel frame of bridge crane includes girder box, platform, pantograph and trolley rail. The Main girder will be strictly fabricated and detected in our workshop according the design and national standard. The toughness and strength are perfect combination. It applies shot blasting and high quality painting. Well-chosen choose steel plate, advanced welding technology and equipment.


  1. Overload protection
  2. Main lifting motor with thermal protection
  3. Hooks with latch
  4. Rubber buffers
  5. Protective earthing
  6. Emergency switch
  7. Sub-assemblies characteristic are tested before assembly
  8. Laser anti-collision system



ting Weight   100/20
span   13 16 19 22 25 28 31
Max lifting Height Main Hanger m 20
Auxiliary hanger
Speed   Main A5 m 4.4
Hoisting A6 4.4
Auxiliary 9.4
Trolley Travelling 41.4
Long Travelling A5 78
A6 68
Motor Hoisting  main A5 kw YZR355M-10/110
A6 YZR355M-10/110
Auxiliary YZR225M-8/ 26
Trolley Travelling YZRI80L-6/17
Long Travelling A5 YZR250ML-8/2X35
A6 YZR250ML-8/2X37
Steal track recommended Recommended to use QU 100
Powar source 3Phase 50HZ 380V



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