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Corrosion Resistance Rectangular Lifting Magnet

Corrosion Resistance Rectangular Lifting Magnet

Rectangular Lifting Magnet for handling steel plates, billets, sections and slab can be designed and manufactured to meet customers' different requirements.

- corrosion resistance

- great performance

- can be made on request



1. Complete sealing structure and good moisture resistance;

2. Optimized design with reasonable structure, light weight, large suction and low energy consumption;

3. Easy to install, operate and maintain.

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    Rectangular Lifting Magnet is of robust cast and bolted or fabricated construction designed for handling solid billet, steel ingot and gives efficient and economical performance in the most arduous service condition.

   We will provide you with comfortable services.

1. Trade manager is 24 hours online for your service.
2.Our technical department can make specific designs to meet various  king of customers’ requirements for magnetic lifting and clamping operation.
3. OEM service is available.
4. We will go back to you in 12 hours.
5. Any question in installation and operation, we will reply in 24 hours.
6. If the product can not meet your requirement or has any problem in quality , the product can be changed or returned if it is necessary.

7.We will offer the design, product pictures and other technist data you need.



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