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  • Used Scrap Metal Magnet for Sale

  • Used Scrap Metal Magnet for Sale

Used Scrap Metal Magnet for Sale

Used Scrap Metal Magnet for Sale

 Lifting magnets can enhance and transport scrap, can also be lifting plate, billet, steel, screw, strip, strip winding, etc., are widely used in metallurgy, mining, machining and transportation industry.


Used Scrap Metal Magnet for Sale

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Used Scrap Magnet three types for option:


Normal temperature type (DC-220V TD-60%): for lifting normal temperature steel scraps.


High temperature type (DC-220V TD-60%):for lifting high temperature steel scraps or lift steel scraps in high 

Temperature suitation. It is specifically designed to lift steel scrap to steelmaking in steelmaking furnaces. This magnet can treat steel scrap at temperatures of 650 degrees Celsius.


High frequency type (DC-220V TD-75%): for lifting normal temperature steel scraps in high frequency use. 

It can be operated more efficiently and frequently since the duty cycle is up to 75%.the over-excitation control system (DC350/DC290V/DC-200V) is also available for large size magnet of this kind, in order to quicken the current, increasing speed and to exert stronger lifting capacity.


a. It can conduct reliable work without consuming electric energy itself.

b. It has features of simple power supply, safe operation, moderate cable (hose) stress volume, flexible rolling and good synchronous performance.  Cables will not be hurt easily when pulling.


c. It adopts the slip ring carbon brush structure for electrical energy transmitting for continuous and stable power supply


d. A reversible rotary mechanism is set to avoid spring broken due to e. reversal rolling of the reel.


f. It also has features of simple installation, convenient repairing, compact structure and beautiful appearance.



Used Scrap Magnet Simple Design and Specification

Scrap Magnet Overall Drawing.png

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