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Circular lifting Crane Magnet

Circular lifting Crane Magnet

     The circular lifting crane magnets are basically electromagnets used alongside cranes so as to complete the lifting action needed in factories, dumping grounds etc.


1. Steel Material: Q235 or Q345

2. Whole layout provides good protection against special working environment.

3. Double box beam with steel legs moving through the ground beam as crane travelling system.



    The circular lifting crane magnet is applicable to the fixed span at indoors or outdoors of steel mill, shipyard,port, yard and storage, etc. It is used for loading, unloading and carrying steel plate, profile steel, and spool, etc. It is especially applicable to lift material or different specifications and which needs Horizontal rotation. The carrier-beam is cross structure, which is reliable and has good safety features, and has a certain function of preventing swinging. The lower part of the carrier-beam can bring special lifting appliances, such as magnetic chuck and tongs, etc.

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