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  • Lifting Magnets for Cranes
  • Lifting Magnets for Cranes
  • Lifting Magnets for Cranes
  • Lifting Magnets for Cranes

  • Lifting Magnets for Cranes
  • Lifting Magnets for Cranes
  • Lifting Magnets for Cranes
  • Lifting Magnets for Cranes

Lifting Magnets for Cranes

Lifting Magnets for Cranes

The circular lifting crane magnets (lifting electromagnet) are basically electromagnets used alongside cranes so as to complete the lifting action needed in factories, dumping grounds etc.

Rated voltage: DC-220V

Duty Cycle: TD-75%

Model: MW5

Cold State Power: 2.0-32.5 KW

Magnet Iron Core: Q235A material

Max. temperature can reach to 700-800℃


lifting electromagnet detail.jpg

Crane magnets are important components for hoisting steel plates, scrap steel, steel pipes, etc. It is used for loading, unloading and carrying steel plate, profile steel, and spool, etc. It is especially applicable to lift material or different specifications and which needs Horizontal rotation. The carrier-beam is cross structure, which is reliable and has good safety features, and has a certain function of preventing swinging. The lower part of the carrier-beam can bring special lifting appliances, such as magnetic chuck and tongs, etc. Can improve work efficiency. Lifting Magnet Supplier - Sinoko Crane can provide lifting magnets according to your lifting materials and your requirements.

1. Steel Material: Q235 or Q345

2. Whole layout provides good protection against special working environment.

3. Double box beam with steel legs moving through the ground beam as crane travelling system.


1. Using a fully sealed structure, good moisture resistance.

2. Optimized by computer design, reasonable structure, light weight, large suction, low energy consumption.

3. Excitation coils are treated by a special process to improve the electrical and mechanical properties of the coils.

4. Insulation materials have a thermal rating of Class C and a long service life.

5. The rated electrification continuation rate of ordinary crane magnets has been increased from the previous 50% to 60%, which has improved the use efficiency of electromagnets.

6. The ultra-high temperature type electromagnet adopts a unique heat insulation method, in which the temperature of the sucked object has increased by 700°C in the past 600°C, thereby expanding the application range of the electromagnet.

7. Easy installation, operation and maintenance.


ModelLifting capacity (kg)
(cold/hot state)
Steel ballSteel ingotturnings

Ready to enhance your crane's lifting capabilities? Discover the power and efficiency of Lifting Magnets from Sinokocranes! Our Lifting Magnets are specifically designed to handle a wide range of materials with ease and precision. With their strong magnetic force and robust construction, these magnets provide a reliable solution for your lifting needs.

Upgrade your material handling operations today. Contact us to discuss your requirements for Lifting Magnets and let our experienced team guide you towards the best solution for your specific needs.

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About SinokocranesSinokocranes is a Chinese company established in 2008. We specialize in manufacturing lightweight cranes and providing integrated material handling solutions. Our services encompass research, design, manufacturing, installation, and full life-cycle support. We prioritize innovation, using advanced technologies and lightweight materials to create efficient, eco-friendly cranes. Our goal is to meet customer needs and contribute to the advancement of the material handling industry.

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