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  • High Reliable Control Motor Driven Monorail Crane

  • High Reliable Control Motor Driven Monorail Crane

High Reliable Control Motor Driven Monorail Crane

High Reliable Control Motor Driven Monorail Crane

European single-girder Monorail Overhead Crane consists of hoisting mechanism (wire rope electric hoist and other structures), main beam, end beam, electric control system, etc. European crane has low height, small size, light weight, small wheel pressure and humanity.


The single-girder monorail suspension cranes in Europe are composed of lifting mechanisms (wire rope hoists and other structures), main beams, end beams, and electronic control systems. The height of European cranes is small, light weight, small wheel pressure and humanized. This design and many other advantages are a new generation of innovative products, superior performance, compact structure, small net space size, and full use of the factory's effective space. Maximum lifting weight 20T, overall protection class IP55, Class F insulation, lifting mechanism using high-strength galvanized steel wire rope, hoisting frequency up to 2 million times, the operating mechanism is equipped with hard tooth reducer (HRC60) and squirrel-cage motor ( 60% ED), self-adjusting disc brakes, precise transmission gears, hardened tooth surfaces and abrasive treatment ensure long-term trouble-free operation. The perfect braking system greatly improves safety and reliability. High-performance brakes are dust-proof and self-adjusting for a safe life of more than 1 million cycles. All components are manufactured using European technical standards and have excellent performance and maintenance-free advantages.



Main beam

The main beam adopts box-type structure and   connects with end beams by high-strength bolt ensuring easy transportation.   The professional processing equipment ensure the connection accuracy of main   beam and end beam, making crane run steadily.


End beam

End beams are the rectangular steel pipe   and welding molding in a CNC machine tool positioning processing; each end   beam is equipped with a double wheel rim wheel group, buffer and   anti-derailment protection device.



Ø  Maximum space using

Ø  Precise operation

Ø  Low maintenance cost

Ø  Less fault downtime

Ø  Minimum hook limit space &   distance

Ø  Standard world-renowned brands:   SEW, ABM three in one type motor, Schneider electric parts


Drum, Steel wire rope, Rope guide

Ø  The drum is made from   high-quality seamless pipes and processed by numeral control CNC machine,   after finish machining, the rope groove on drum works coordinately with rope   guide to efficiently prevent rope loose and tangling.

Ø  Steel wire rope adopts high   strength 2160N/mm2 imported wire rope, which has super safety   performance and longer service life

Ø  Standard rope guide is processed   from engineering plastics, with strong abrasion resistance and good self-lubricating   performance.


Lifting mechanism gear box

Shell of reduce uses aluminum alloy   material, with light weight and corrosion resistance. Semi-grease lubricant   in full sealed box gets all gears lubricated fully and should not be changed   within the design circle for safety service. Each gear which gets the process   of surface hardening and high-precision grinding ensures stable running of   gear box.

Ø  Small size and light weight

Ø  Running smoothly and steadily,   low noise

Ø  Corrosion resistance and maintenance-free


Lifting mechanism brake

The hoisting mechanism motor equipped with   double-disc electromagnetic brake. According to the safety regulations,   SINOKO CRANE adopts the braking force of the brake higher than 1.8 times of   the rated torque.

Ø  Fast movement and high   reliability

Ø  Maintenance-free and   self-regulated

Ø  Dustproof design and longer   service life


ABM three in one type drive

Drive mechanism is sealed three in one   type.

Ø  Self- lubricating

Ø  Maintenance free

Ø  Inverter control

Ø  Stable running

Ø  Reliable quality

Ø  Low noise


Hoist cable dragging system


Ø  Consisting of flexible flat cable, C-shaped steel slide

Ø  Flat cable with good flexibility

Ø  Aerial socket connecting, one to one correspondence, convenience of connection

Ø  Maintenance free, long operating life.


Production Process




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