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  • Low Profile Bridge Crane
  • Low Profile Bridge Crane
  • Low Profile Bridge Crane

  • Low Profile Bridge Crane
  • Low Profile Bridge Crane
  • Low Profile Bridge Crane

Low Profile Bridge Crane

Low Profile Bridge Crane

Low-profile bridge crane is a type of overhead crane that is specifically designed to have a low profile, meaning it has a reduced height compared to standard bridge cranes. This feature allows the crane to operate in areas with limited vertical clearance or confined spaces where a taller crane may not be suitable.

Sinokocranes keeps focusing on the cutting edge technology and developments of low profile bridge crane.


Low profile bridge hoist crane is a high-end type of crane, there is no this definition in technical concept. This crane has not only domestic advantages including reliable performance and low prices, but also advanced European Crane advanced technology, compact structure, light weight, energy saving, low noise and other advantages.

The advantages of a low-profile bridge crane include:

1. Space-saving: Due to their reduced height, these cranes can operate in areas with limited vertical clearance, maximizing the use of available space.

2. Versatility: They can be customized to meet specific lifting requirements and can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure.

3. Increased safety: The low profile reduces the risk of collisions with overhead obstacles, ensuring a safer working environment.

4. Improved efficiency: These cranes provide efficient material handling capabilities, allowing for faster and more precise load movements.

Overall, a low-profile bridge crane offers a practical solution for lifting and moving heavy loads in spaces with height restrictions, providing flexibility, safety, and enhanced operational efficiency.


1. Reduce customer investment, make full use of plant space, and increase production efficiency

European cranes are characterized by their light weight, low wheel pressure, low equipment height, compact structure, and small footprint. They use international advanced technology. The most reasonable structure is adopted from the trolley, end beam to the main beam, and the weight is much lighter than Traditional crane. Therefore, under the condition of meeting the same requirements, the height of the factory building can be reduced, the section size of the rail bearing beam can be reduced, the bearing capacity of the bull legs and the pile foundation can be reduced, and the requirements on the track and the power supply sleeving can be reduced, so that the user is in the plant and lifting equipment. The overall investment in the area is reduced.

2. Good combination, full-scale specifications, complete product line, can cover most of the needs of customers

The traditional domestic lifting trolley performance parameters are relatively limited. The weight lifting coverage is only 5t-100t, and the working level is generally M5 and M6. The range of lifting and running speed can be selected to be small. The narrow range of choices and the need to add some special features are often difficult to meet. The SINOKO European cranes are standardized, modularly designed, and have a full range of products. They can be quickly designed according to customer needs, with a weight coverage of 6.3t-400t and a working level of M3. -M7, there are 5 kinds of lifting speeds, the running speed of the trolley is adjustable, and the lifting height covers 9m-60m, which can meet the needs of customers for special working conditions.

3. Reliable performance, low failure rate, reduce the use and maintenance costs

Since the SINOKO European cranes are characterized by their light weight, high quality, and high performance, they also provide the best solutions for customers according to their actual needs, compared to the traditional same lifting capacity, the same span and the same working level. The energy consumption of lifting equipment can be reduced by more than 30% during the operation process, which can save the operating cost for the customer. At the same time, due to the modular design and excellent key components, the failure working time of crane has been greatly increased, and the replacement period of wearing parts has increased, which has greatly reduced the maintenance cost of the crane.


lifting capacity(T)
Crane travelling
Travelling speed(m/min)
Rotation (m/min)
Lifting mechanism
Electric hoist model
(electric hoist)&electric hoist
travelling mechanism

Lifting speed (m/min)
8,8/0.8 7,7/0.7
3.5 3.5/0.35
Lifting height (m)
6 ,9 ,12, 18, 24, 30
Travelling speed (m/min)
Taper Squirrel-cage type
Taper Squirrel-cage type
Work duty
Power supply
380V 50HZ three phase
Wheel diameter
Tread of trail



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