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  • 5 ton Overhead Bridge Crane
  • 5 ton Overhead Bridge Crane
  • 5 ton Overhead Bridge Crane

  • 5 ton Overhead Bridge Crane
  • 5 ton Overhead Bridge Crane
  • 5 ton Overhead Bridge Crane

5 ton Overhead Bridge Crane

5 ton Overhead Bridge Crane

Sinoko 5 ton overhead bridge crane is European Model Bridge Crane equipped with advanced technology, Our European Model Bridge Crane could be made from 5 ton to 500 ton. Smoothly Traveling with inverter control make sure the crane more durable, stable operation, low noise and maintenance free.


With its versatility and robust design, the 5-ton overhead bridge crane serves as a reliable material handling equipment across various industries. Engineered with dependable motors and accessories, it guarantees high-quality and safe operations. Kinocranes Crane, a reputable crane manufacturer in China, brings 15 years of experience in bridge crane production. Our 5-ton bridge crane options can be customized to suit specific working conditions, offering the choice between single or double beams for lifting and lowering configurations.

5 ton Overhead Bridge Crane Parts

The 5-ton Overhead Bridge Crane boasts an array of advanced components and configurations to ensure top-notch performance. It is equipped with Schneider electricals, ABM/Nord/SEW triple gear motors (consolidating the motor, gear box, and brake into a single unit), galvanized high-strength wire rope, self-adjusting disk brakes, durable hard tooth reducers, and programmable lifting limit switches, among other features. These cutting-edge elements contribute to the crane's efficiency, reliability, and enhanced safety during lifting and transportation operations.




High Reliability and Safety: The crane exhibits a high level of reliability and safety, with a low maintenance rate. It adheres to FEM2M and M5 work duty standards, boasts IP55 protection class, insulation class F, and offers a continuous rate of 60% (for high-class motors). It also features a 30% higher cooling rate than normal cranes and includes over-temperature protection at 170℃.

Compact and Lightweight Design: The crane's compact design and low dead weight contribute to its small size and low headroom, optimizing space utilization.

Low Noise Operation: The crane operates with minimal noise, minimizing disturbances in the workplace.

Cost-Effective Investment: With its light dead weight and low wheel pressure, the crane reduces the civil work cost of the workshop, providing cost-saving benefits.

Energy-Efficient: The crane's total motor power is significantly lower than conventional designs, resulting in power savings.








Lifting height(m)


Control mode

Pendant control,wireless remote control,cabin control

Lifting speed(m/min)

2.8 ,8 , 8/0.8

2.3 ,  5/0.8  7, 7/0.7

4, 4/0.4

Travelling speed(m/min)

20,30,45 (Inverter)

Service class(work grade)

a) M2, M3: used in places of mild service, such as   workshop and warehouse.
b)  M4: used in places of Medium service such as assembly and depot.

Supply power(three phase power)

380V 50HZ 3Phase (according to user require)

Hoist type

Wire rope or chain hoist ,single or double speed

Working ambient temperature

-20 °C~ <55°C.


It’s not suitable for lifting blazing & melting   metal or toxicant as well as explosion-proof or insulating working   conditions.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your lifting operations. Contact us now to get started with the industry-leading 5-ton overhead bridge crane.



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