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  • 3 ton Overhead Crane
  • 3 ton Overhead Crane
  • 3 ton Overhead Crane
  • 3 ton Overhead Crane

  • 3 ton Overhead Crane
  • 3 ton Overhead Crane
  • 3 ton Overhead Crane
  • 3 ton Overhead Crane

3 ton Overhead Crane

3 ton Overhead Crane

3 ton overhead cranes are designed and manufactured for lifting and moving loads of 3 tons or less,Sinokocrane's monorail overhead crane can meet the requirements, Sinokocrane focus on European type Monorail Overhead Crane for years. Our Monorail overhead crane are following FEM standard,Working duty A5.


European single-girder Monorail Overhead Crane consists of hoisting mechanism (wire rope electric hoist and other structures), main beam, end beam, electric control system, etc.

European crane has low height, small size, light weight, small wheel pressure and humanity. The design and many other advantages are a new generation of innovative products, superior performance, compact structure, small net space size, and full use of the plant's effective space.

The maximum lifting capacity is 20T, the overall protection class is IP55, Class F insulation, the lifting mechanism adopts high-strength galvanized steel wire rope, the lifting frequency reaches 2 million times, and the operating mechanism is equipped with hard tooth surface reducer (HRC60) and squirrel-cage motor ( 60% ED), self-adjusting disc brakes, precise drive gears, hardened tooth surfaces, and abrasive treatment ensure long-term, trouble-free operation. The perfect braking system greatly improves safety and reliability. The high-performance brake adopts a dust-proof design that can be automatically adjusted and has a safety life of more than 1 million times.

All components are manufactured using European technical standards, with excellent performance and maintenance-free advantages. The standard configuration of the crane is the frequency conversion of the car and the frequency conversion of the car, and the positioning is quick and accurate. At the same time, the anti-swing device configured effectively solves the problem of swing of the transshipment. The smooth braking ensures stable, safe and reliable driving. The stepless variable frequency control system is designed for crane applications.

At the same time, depending on the characteristics of the customer's on-site operations, it is possible to allocate hoisting frequency conversion or double hoist operation. Such hoisting structures are often used in the loading and unloading operations of precision machining equipment. They fully consider the needs of customers and increase the safety of customers during use.


The structure of the 3 ton monorail overhead crane is light, the performance is excellent, the structure is reliable, the weight of the whole machine is light, the load is reasonable, and the basic load is small;

● European monorail overhead cranes improve work efficiency by at least 20%, which greatly improves the material handling efficiency in production and operations.
● Ultra-low failure rate, advanced technology protection;
● The most advanced lifting mechanism, good maintenance-free;
● High precision of electrical control, perfect protection device;
● High precision, precision, strong sense of technology;
● European low headroom design - energy saving and environmental protection, making full use of the plant's effective space for customers;
●Frequency conversion control, stable braking; anti-swing technology can be added, lifting is safer;
● European design, the appearance of the machine is beautiful, strong corrosion resistance;
● Fast, smooth loading, safe and comfortable handling.


Capacity3 tons
Lift heightMax. 90 m
Work dutyM3~M6
Protection classIP54/IP55
Working temperature-20~+60℃



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