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European Standard Single Beam Crane

European Standard Single Beam Crane

     With reasonable and optimized design of European Standard Single Beam Crane, maximum meet the needs in strength, stiffness and stability. To satisfy different clients requirement, we take full advantages of combining design by connecting to site condition, specified  fabricate course,  possibly make every step easy and customize.


1. Light self weight, low noise and few faults, generally used in normal working condition.
2. Designed base on DIN standard from German.
3. Save the power, lower wheel load, so it can reduce the cost of support beam.



The wheel forged by 65 Mn alloy steel, with the performance of abrasive            resistance, ant fatigue and long service    life.
RM)1RPOQ@S8EUTIP$@9HI5D.pngImported motor, the insulation grade is F, and protective grade is IP54, it shall   also have over heated and alarming         function, the motor cover adopts aluminum alloy to drawing the molding, with    better heat dissipation.

♦ Lifting and travelling limit switches
♦ Emergency Stop
♦ Loss voltage protection
♦ Grounded protection
♦ Overload protection
♦ Short circuit protection
♦ Overheating protection
♦ Overspeed protection
♦ Overcurrent protection
♦ Faulted phase protection


1. An innovative design team to assure customized crane solution.
2. The unique supply channel to assure product quality & cost, such as ABM,

     Nord, Kone, Schneider, Demag, Weihua, Kuangshan, etc;
3. Changyuan County is Chinese crane-town & also our hometown.
    Seeing is Believing. Talk in face-to-face is a most effective way to enhance

    our mutrual understanding, which will definitely deepen our friendship and

    strategic cooperation in future. We warmly welcome every customer to pay

    us a visit.






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