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  • 1 ton Electric Chain Hoist
  • 1 ton Electric Chain Hoist
  • 1 ton Electric Chain Hoist
  • 1 ton Electric Chain Hoist

  • 1 ton Electric Chain Hoist
  • 1 ton Electric Chain Hoist
  • 1 ton Electric Chain Hoist
  • 1 ton Electric Chain Hoist

1 ton Electric Chain Hoist

1 ton Electric Chain Hoist

Sinoko Crane Company offers 4 type of electric chain cranes for flexibility and durability in lifting. Sinoko electric hoists can lift up to 32000kg.

For 15 years, from product development to production and service, we have been committed to providing the highest quality products with state-of-the-art safety features.

Power Supply: 220v, 380v (Customized)

Speed Type: Single speed or Double speed

Lifting Speed: 6.6 m/min

voltage: single or three-phase voltage

Application: industrial and construction settings for tasks such as lifting machinery, materials, and other heavy objects. They are designed to provide efficient and reliable lifting capabilities while maintaining safety standards.


According to customer needs, Sinoko hoist is designed with hook type, manual trolly type, electric trolly type, low clearance type of electric chain hoist. The most commonly used electric chain hoists are 500kg, 1 ton/1000kg, 2 ton, 3 ton and 5 ton,Sinoko electric hoists can lift up to 32000kg.

type of electric chain hoists

You can use these electric chain hoists on overhead cranes, workstation cranes or jib cranes. Compact headroom, hook suspension and a range of other features make our lifts easy to adjust to your specific workstation needs. The versatility of Konecranes cranes makes them the ideal solution for a wide variety of lifting applications.

application of electric chain hoist


1. Light aluminum alloy shell, quick heat dissipation with rate up to 40%;

2. double braking system: Side magnetic and mechanical brake, more safe and reliable;

3. Limit Switch and Inverse phase sequence protecting device for more safe operation;

4. Imported FEC80 ultra hear-treatable aluminum alloy chain;

5. Hot forging hook, perfect strength ,360 degrees rotation with safety tongue;

6. double-geared and helical gear drive to ensure working smooth and small noise.


Specification of china electric chain hoist

Chain Hoist
Crane Capacity
1 ton
Max Lifting Height
Lifting Speed
6.8 m/min
Traveling Speed
Motor Insulation Class
Control Method
Pendent Line Control
Power Supply
380v 50HZ 3Phase
Working Temperature

Advantages of Electric Hoist

  • Safety: The aluminum alloy housing has excellent heat dissipation, which can help to extend the service life of the electric hoist and ensure its safe operation. The pure copper motor has strong power and low resistance, which can provide stable and reliable lifting performance.

  • Durability: The precision-machined lifting pulley has high matching degree with the chain wheels, which can reduce the wear and tear on the chain. The nitrile material cable is thicker and more durable, which can withstand harsh environments.

  • Convenience: The air-conditioning plug is easy to use, and the button switch is equipped with an emergency stop button, which can provide added safety.

Boost your productivity and safety with our durable and reliable electric hoist. Request a quote today!



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