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30T Dual Beams Gantry Crane

30T Dual Beams Gantry Crane

30T dual beams gantry crane equiped with joystick cabin, the main features:

(1)Outside traveling crane, the track is on the ground. save cost.

(2)High frequent operations and large working areas.

(3)With great anti-oxidant feature


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30T dual beams gantry crane are composed of bridges, carts, trolleys, and electrical equipment. The bridge adopts the box-type double beam welding structure, and the cart driving mechanism adopts separate driving. All the mechanisms are operated in the control room. Gantry crane conductive form is divided into two kinds of cables and slip lines, the user can choose one. This gantry cranes are mainly used for the loading and unloading cargos in outdoor areas, such as ports, cargo yards.


  1. With a large span, it can stack14 columns or more of containers with a large number of stacked layers, and can stack up to 5 to 6 containers.

  2. The utilization of the yard area is high, the stacking capacity of the storage yard is improved.

  3. The mechanical structure is simple, maintenance is easy, and the operation is reliable. Walking along the track, poor flexibility, limited operating range.

  4. With features such as strong overload capacity, large working range, and work balance, it is suitable for large spans and frequent loading and unloading operations.

  5. Applicable to container terminals with limited floor space and high throughput. Railway freight yards, ports, open storage, container transfer stations, etc.



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Gantry crane cases showing



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