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  • 60 ton Gantry Crane
  • 60 ton Gantry Crane
  • 60 ton Gantry Crane

  • 60 ton Gantry Crane
  • 60 ton Gantry Crane
  • 60 ton Gantry Crane

60 ton Gantry Crane

60 ton Gantry Crane

Cabin Control 60 ton Gantry Crane is designed with working grade of A5~A8 according to the use frequency. widely used in open warehouses, material stocks area, cement plant, granite industry, construction industry, engineering industry, railway station to lifting and load, unloading goods.The service life of this gantry crane can be above 20 years.

(1) Superior safety and reliability

(2) Minimum & easy maintenance


60 ton gantry crane has strong structure and good performance. It belongs to heavy duty double girder gantry crane. Full variable-frequency control runs steadily without any impaction. Run with heavy load at low speed and light load at high speed, it can save enerqy and reduce consumption.

It has two working class:
 A5: used in places of medium service, such as machine and assembly shops.
 A6: used in places of frequent working such as metallurgy and casting shops.


1. Lifting mechanism is electric trolley/hoist; it can equip with hook, bucket, grab, lifting magnet and other lifting tools!

2.Spare parts: It can equip with two hooks, one main hook and one secondary hook!

3.Beam: It is composed of bridge frame, trolley, cart operating mechanism and electric equipment. The crane girder is produced without welding; it makes the beam much more strength!

4.Usage: It is applicable to transferring, assembling, check and repair as well as load and unload various materials!

5.Note: It is prohibited to use the equipment in the combustible, explosive or corrosives environment.

6.Operation: The operation of this crane is completed in driver's cabin, which has open type and closed type and be installed on left or right side according to practical situation. The direction of entering the gate has two forms,sideway and ends, in order to satisfy the user’s choice under different conditions.

7.Speed: There are three speeds: trolley lifting speed, trolley traveling speed, crane


Span 18-35m
Lifting height 6-18m
Lifting speed 5.9-13.3m/min
Trolley running speed 31.3-40.1m/min
Crane running speed 40.1-44m/min
Work duty A5-A6



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