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FEM Class Hoist FEM 2M Working Class Wire Rope Electric Hoist

FEM Class Hoist FEM 2M Working Class Wire Rope Electric Hoist

 Sinokocranes is the leading elelctric hoist supplier of FEM Class Hoist. Our design focus on most advanced techology .All key parts are using FEM standard and design also following the same idea of First Level Crane Hoist Suppliers.


 FEM Class Hoist FEM 2M Working Class Wire Rope Electric Hoist is the Key Products from Sinokocranes. Sinokocranes have focused on the technology innovation of FEM standard electric wire rope hoist for years. All the elelctric wire rope hoist are using for high advanced users. More repliable, more durable,free maintenance is our always aim to provide for customers.


Sinokocranes FEM Class Electric Wire Rope Hoist   Advantage
First,   high efficiency, maximize the use of space
The leading technical design ensures the   maximum size of product optimization, and the compact structure ensures high   performance. In the same factory and work area, the application of   sinokocranes wire rope hoist can cover a wider range and reduce blind spots.   If the design of the product family of sinokocrane is used during the design   phase of the plant, the height of the plant can be greatly reduced, saving   customers investment and increasing efficiency.
Second,   accurate positioning, efficient operation, improve logistics efficiency
The high-quality lifting drive ensures   safe, smooth and efficient operation. The compact structure design ensures   the smallest offset of the hook. The lifting provides two-speed (inverter   selectable). The trolleys are standard in frequency conversion and ensure   lifting. The efficient operation of the equipment and the improvement of the   efficiency of the workshop logistics ensure that the customer's various work   plans are executed as scheduled.
Third,   safe and reliable, operation monitoring, easy maintenance
Sinokocranes lifting proprietary   technology has multiple protection functions, the device ensures the safe and   reliable operation of the crane, and its operation monitoring unit can record   detailed information on the operation status of the electric hoist, motor   operation status and safe working cycle, and provide caveat. All records can   provide data for maintenance, understand the root cause of the problem, and   make the crane maintenance schedule more timely and reasonable.
Fourth,   modular design, low maintenance costs, complete spare parts service
The concept of modular design has always   penetrated the design of the entire product, ensuring the standard and   interchangeability of components, greatly improving product quality and   reducing the maintenance cost of the product. All of our company's product   lines have a complete spare parts inventory, the company has a professional   service team, to ensure that customers provide timely after-sales service, to   solve customer worries after the purchase of equipment.





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