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  • Single Girder Hoist

  • Single Girder Hoist

Single Girder Hoist

Single Girder Hoist

Sinokocrane can supply best FEM standard electric wire rope hoist for single girder crane, European-style low headroom electric hoist comply with FEM standards and DIN standards. It combines three-dimensional object modeling and finite element analysis technology to further optimize the gear transmission, box structure and the size of each component, so that each component can reach the optimal value, thereby changing its size and saving installation space.

Wire rope hoists are available for loads up to 80 tonnes and lifting heights of more than 60m with many features as standard and more features offered as options.


FEM standard electric wire rope hoist

wire rope hoist motor

Wire rope hoists motor:

Hoists motor is a taper type rotor motor with braking, it has bigger torque, so it canbe adapted to moving frequently, the Maximum torque is 2.43times than the rated torque.

Wire rope hoists gear box: 

Hoist Gear Box has specially treated gears for high wear resistance. Each Geared Shaft assembly is supported on ball or roller bearings, to ensure smooth, low-frictionoperation.

Wire rope: 

Hoisting rope complies with the exporting standards. The leading rope taken by the Drum does not lip sideways when slack. The factor of safety, on the nominal breaking strength of the rope is six.

Wire rope hoists rope drum: 

Grooved Drum, seamless pipe of adequate length to be wounded in one layer and to provide proper support for the rope to minimize abrasive wear is provided. Drum Shaft resolves on Ball Bearing for ensuring smooth running.

Wire rope hoists hook: 

The hook block is tested to 150% of full load before assembly. The rope sheaves are fully guarded with protective steel casting. All sheaves rotate on ball bearing. The pulley is thickened and dilated than domestic common pulley.


Remote control or pendant control with 36V control circuit.

Magnetic reversing contactors, both mechanically and electrically interlocked.

Forged heat-treated gravity type hook with upper travel limit switch.

Class F or B insulation motor with both running and over current protection.

Multiple disc brake.

All gears are machine cut, case-hardened alloy steel with shock-resistant ductile cores.


It is equiped with compact structure, convenient adjustment, small volumn, light weight, heavy gravity, easy operation etc.


Lifting Capacity1~80t
Lifting Height0~60m
Working ClassM3, M6
Ambient Temperature-20~40℃

Please kindly tell us your detailed requirement and the working conditions, we can help you to choose the suitable model as your requirement.
1. Lifting capacity
2. Lifting height
3. Work duty
5. Power supply
6. Other requirements.
Welcome your enquire for details!



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