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  • Container Gantry Crane
  • Container Gantry Crane
  • Container Gantry Crane
  • Container Gantry Crane

  • Container Gantry Crane
  • Container Gantry Crane
  • Container Gantry Crane
  • Container Gantry Crane

Container Gantry Crane

Container Gantry Crane

The Rail-Mounted Container Gantry Crane (RMG crane) finds its primary application in the efficient handling of container loads within railway transshipment areas and vast container storage yards.

The Sinoko Rail-Mounted Gantry (RMG) crane is the culmination of decades of expertise and knowledge in crane design. It incorporates a multitude of technological advancements, including the cutting-edge smart cabin equipped with video and monitoring technology, ensuring exceptional visibility during container handling operations. Our team can customize the RMG to perfectly suit your specific operational requirements.


Container gantry crane (also container handling gantry crane ) is a type of large dockside gantry crane found at container terminals for loading and unloading intermodal containers from container ship.

There are two types of container gantry cranes: rail mounted gantry cranes (RMG Crane) and rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTG Crane). 

RMG cranes, also known as Rail-Mounted Container Gantry Cranes, are robust and powerful cranes designed for heavy-duty operations. These cranes traverse along a fixed track system and are primarily utilized for the efficient loading and unloading of heavy cargo in rail transport yards, expansive container storage facilities, docks, container yards, and rail freight stations. Their purpose extends to the transportation and handling of international ISO standard containers, ensuring seamless logistics and optimal container management.

Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane for Sale

Rail mounted gantry cranes come in a variety of models with different spans and overhangs. An RMG travels on rails to lift and stack 20, 40 and other iso containers in the yard area of the container terminal. The container is lifted by a spreader attached to wire ropes. These cranes are specifically designed for intensive container stacking due to its automation and less need for human handling.

Compared to the crane (RTG), the RMG has the advantages of being driven by electrical power, cleaner, bigger lifting capacity, and higher gantry traveling speed with cargo.

The Component of RMG Container Gantry Crane

Comprising essential components such as the main girder, robust outriggers, flexible outriggers, trolley travel mechanism, lifting mechanism, crane travel mechanism, electric system, and an ergonomic operation cab, this crane delivers seamless performance. Its purpose is to load, unload, transport, and stack containers with precision and reliability.


Container Gantry Crane Steel Structure

Q345E steel material for steel structure, Can withstand the impact test of minus 40 degrees

Container Gantry Crane Lifting Mechanism

Flexible side hanging lifting system

Container Gantry Crane Motor

High Protection Class IP55
With heater for low temperature starting


Container Gantry Crane Gear Box

Hard tooth flanks make the reducer long service life

Container Gantry Crane Brake

2 sets for lifting
ZPMC brand, top 1 brand in China

Long Traveling Wheels

Steel casing technology process

Lifting Weight Overload Protection

Accurate measurement accuracy

Container Gantry Crane Monitor Unit Included

The sreen will show crane working status

Container Gantry Crane Electric Control Cabinet

Surface by anti corrosion treatment
AC included


a). High efficiency, make full use of yard, high automatic;
b). Few fault, lower energy consumption, low cost;
c). Wide span, can step astride 14 or more containers;
d). Can stow 5 to 6 floors containers;
e). Make full use of yard, so that it can store more containers;
f). Simple structure, easy maintenance, reliable operating;
g). Electric drive, save energy;
h). Crane travels along the rail, not flexible, working range is limited;
i). Applied to stacking area and greater throughput of container port.

Advantage of Rail Mounted Container Gantry Crane

1. Variable Traveling Speed: The crane offers the advantage of adjustable traveling speed, allowing it to accommodate different spans and cantilever configurations. This flexibility enables efficient and safe movement across the rail system.

Internationally Patented Anti-Swing System: The crane incorporates a patented anti-swing system, ensuring enhanced stability during operations. This feature helps minimize load swinging, increasing safety and productivity.

2. Steady Performance: The lifting and traveling movements of the crane are characterized by their steady performance. This attribute prioritizes safety and operational efficiency, reducing the risk of accidents and optimizing workflow.

3. Electric Sync System: For crane spans exceeding 40 meters, an electric sync system is equipped to further optimize functionality. This system ensures synchronized and coordinated movement of the crane's components, enhancing overall performance and control.

4. Excellent Flexibility in Loading Movements: The crane exhibits exceptional flexibility in loading movements, making it an ideal choice for handling cargo containers and other heavy loads. This feature allows for efficient and precise positioning of the crane during loading and unloading operations.

5. Extended Headroom and Travel Capacity: The crane offers extended headroom and travel capacity, providing added versatility and adaptability in various operational scenarios. This feature enables the crane to handle oversized or irregularly shaped cargo with ease.

Overall, the rail-mounted container gantry crane combines variable traveling speed, enhanced stability, steady performance, and excellent flexibility to ensure safe and efficient handling of cargo containers and heavy loads. Its extended headroom and travel capacity further enhance its versatility in diverse operational environments.


Capacity (NOT including spreader)
Lifting height
Lifting speed
Cross travelling speed
Long travelling speed
Working class
Power source
As your demands
According to your specific usage, specific model and design will offer

Selection Of Container Gantry Crane

The selection of container gantry crane needs to comprehensively consider such factors as wharf capacity, centralized transportation mode, Wharf Road area, environmental protection, investment cost and operation cost. If you are not sure which type of gantry crane is suitable for you, please provide some basic information so that we can help you choose the application that is suitable for you:

1.Rated lifting capacity


3.Lifting height

4.Reactor vessel layer

5.Number of containers passed

6.Distance from base

7.Other special requirements



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