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  • Crane Remote Control
  • Crane Remote Control

  • Crane Remote Control
  • Crane Remote Control
  • Crane Remote Control

Crane Remote Control

Crane Remote Control

Crane remote control is a key important part for crane control system.A good crane remote control could make better crane operation experience. Improve work efficiency and make work more reliable and safe.Crane remote control have push button type and sway control with rockers type.


First Crane Remote Control Type is Panel Push Button Type.

System Model: TCS-B12

System size: Transmitter 193 x 62 x 50mm

           Receiver 298 x 206 x 75mm

System Weight: Transmitter 320g; Receiver 1400g

System antenna: transmitter built-in; receiver external

Shell material: high-strength engineering plastics

Protection class: IP65

Operating frequency: 400-470MHz

Communication distance: ≥100 meters

Input and output: Transmitter 8 dual-speed keys; receiver 13-way

           Electrical output, 1 stop emergency output,

           CANBUS output (special customization required)

Power Supply: Transmitter 4.5VDC (3 AA batteries);

           Receiver 42-250VAC 50Hz/60Hz,

           10-30VDC, 380VAC optional

Working temperature: -25°C~+70°C

Output interface: heavy-duty connector, optional cable

System features: Transmitter with smart key, automatic shutdown

           Optional (0-30 minutes optional), low battery

           Audible alarm

Scope of application: Small and medium-sized institutions with ≤3 control points and ≤13 control points

           equipment. Such as: 3 agencies double speed.

crane remote control panel.jpg

Second type of Crane Remote Control System is Sway Control with rockers.

Germany OHM remote control TCS-C32 (double rocker four institutions four speed industrial remote control) action function execution

The main hook rises (fourth speed), the main hook descends (fourth speed), the car 1 moves forward (fourth speed), the car 1 moves backward (four speed), the auxiliary hook rises (four speed), and the auxiliary hook descends (four speed). Car 2 forward (four speed), car 2 rear (four speed), cart left (four speed), cart right (four speed), start + emergency stop + safety key switch. The action execution keys are in jog mode. Other logic relations such as self-locking mode can be set according to requirements, and some interlocking modes are not interlocked. The start, emergency stop, and security key are self-hold modes.



Standards and grades of our crane remote control system:

  • Safety standards: EN954-1 Category 3, 

  • EN13849 Class D;

  • Radio transmission equipment type approval certificate (National Committee),

  • Crane remote control device safety certificate (Liao'an Institute);




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