Main Manufacturing Equipment

1. Large Steel Pretreatment Production Line

2. Steel Coil Uncoiling, Leveling and Cutting Production Line

3. Large Steel Plate CNC Feeding Line

4. Main Beam Setting Up Machine


End Beam Gantry Welding Main Beam Gantry Welding

6. Passing Type Shot Blasting Processor

7. Large Gantry CNC Machining Center

8.Trolley Making

Flat Frame Welding Bit Small Frame in the Ground Floor Welding Equipment Boring Whole Processing

9.Drum Production

1250t Press Bending Machine

Welding Center Heavy Lathe


Heavy Duty CNC Floor Milling Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe and Boring

Double Sided Milling and Boring Machine CNC Center

11.Heat Treatment

Reel Annealing CNC Vertical General Quenching Machine