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The superior performance of the lightweight KBK rail system in industrial production


KBK rail is a crane rail, so we often see it in some lifting operations. KBK rail can provide lifting operation services for various types of cranes. It is small in size, safe and reliable. At the same time, because of its extremely low failure rate, it has become the first choice of many consumers. The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to the performance of the KBK rail.

1. Safe and reliable

Each component of the KBK rail is installed in an independent modular manner. The independent modules can ensure the high efficiency of transportation operations. The main body of these modules uses three kinds of cold-rolled plates, these materials are very light. It can be transported conveniently while having great strength and rigidity. Ensuring the stability and safety of the system.

kbk rail system

2. Wide application range

KBK rail system can provide lifting operation services for various types of cranes. Its adaptability is very strong, and its modular approach allows it to operate in a variety of environments. In different production environments of different factories, the rail installation method is very flexible and can be installed very quickly. Because of the reduction in installation time, KBK rails can carry out lifting operations in a shorter period of time. Thereby improving the efficiency of the entire work.

3. Convenient maintenance

The design structure of the KBK rail system adopts an independent modular approach, so the rail can be easily and quickly disassembled when it is not needed. Similarly, the various modules of the rails are connected by bolts, and its debugging and use are also very convenient. The structural design of this rail system can save a lot of manpower and material resources and improve operating efficiency.

kbk rail system. jpg

4.Easy to operate

This kind of kbk rail system adopts modern technology and uses ergonomics to design the rail, which provides convenience for the operator. The traditional crane transportation rail design is unreasonable. So the working process of the operator is very complicated and easy to make mistakes. But the KBK rail system does not have these problems. KBK rail crane system can realize manual and flexible operation, automatic and semi-automatic operation can be realized simply.

In summary, KBK has the characteristics of safety and reliability, wide application range, convenient maintenance and convenient operation. If you want to know about lifting equipment, you can contact the designer of Sinokocranes technical department


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