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EOT crane delivery site to FF steel Pakistan


EOT crane delivery site to FF steel Pakistan

Guide:EOT crane refers to electric overhead traveling crane, which can be with single girder or double girder.It is mainly composed of main beam, end beam, runways, electric drive and control device,trolley operation mechanism, and so on.There are ordinary EOT crane and European EOT crane,According to the different frequent procedures, it can be divided into three levels: A3, A5 and A6.


Early in the morning, the company's employees began to check and inspect the goods. As the transportation vehicles slowly drove out, another group of EOT cranes set foot on the road to FF steel in Pakistan. EOT crane is one of the best-selling products of our company, This kind of crane is widely used for many occasions, such as steel-making and metallurgy plant, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, machining production and processes.


Sinokocranes is a modern manufacturing enterprise,Our company's main products are: European Standard and China standard bridge cranes, gantry cranes;Rail mounted gantry crane for container handling;So far, we have exported cranes to the United States, Chile, Russia, Pakistan, South Africa, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Iran, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Zimbabwe.

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