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How to choose the gantry crane and the main beam structure


How to choose the gantry crane and the main beam structure

The gantry crane can be classified according to the form of the door frame, in the form of the main beam, according to the main beam structure, according to the use form.

1. Full gantry crane: The main beam has no overhang and the trolley is carried out within the main span.

2. Half-door crane: The height of the legs is different, which can be determined according to the civil construction requirements of the site.

3. Double cantilever gantry crane: a common structural form, the structural force and effective use of the site area are reasonable.

4. Single cantilever gantry crane: This type of construction is often chosen due to site constraints.


Full ganty crane


Half-door crane


Double cantilever gantry crane


Single cantilever gantry crane

How to choose a gantry crane?

First, the selection of gantry crane

Under normal circumstances, the lifting weight is below 50t and the span is within 35m. There is no special use requirement, and single main beam type should be used. If the door leg width is required, the working speed is high, or the heavy parts and long pieces are often lifted, the double-beam gantry crane should be selected.

Second, span and cantilever length

The span of a gantry crane is an important factor affecting the quality of the crane itself. In the selection, the span should be minimized under the premise of meeting the equipment usage conditions and meeting the span series standards.

Third, the principle of determining the track

(a) It can meet the stability requirements of the gantry along the direction of the crane track.

(b) The outer dimensions of the cargo shall pass through the flat steel frame of the leg.

In the course of work, the gantry crane should have a certain space size between the external size and the cargo yard of the yard and the transportation vehicle to facilitate loading and unloading operations. When the general transport vehicle is loaded and unloaded within the span, it should maintain a distance of more than 0.7m from the door leg. When the spreader is not working, it should have a distance of more than 0.5m from the transport vehicle. When the cargo passes through the door, there should be a distance of 0.5m or more.


Hoisting machinery mainly includes bridging machines, gantry cranes, gantry cranes and other performance types, and these hoisting machinery have a large number of large-scale equipment, so the relationship between the various components also increases. We must ensure that the connection between the various components of the hoisting machinery is very good, that is, no oil can occur. Doing a good job in the lubrication management of lifting machinery and equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency of cranes and improve the quality of lifting machinery.

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