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Reliability of Sinokocranes Bridge Crane in Metallurgical Industry.


Reliability of Sinokocranes Bridge Crane in Metallurgical Industry


In the metallurgical industry, bridge crane is widely used, so it also has special requirements for its safety. What can be done to improve the reliability of bridge cranes in the metallurgical industry has been the focus of attention of the industry. 

Q: Why the Sinokocranes bridge crane is deeply loved by customers in the metallurgical industry.

A: the bridge crane is generally composed of the lifting trolley, the bridge frame running mechanism and the bridge metal structure, and the lifting trolley is composed of three parts: the lifting mechanism, the trolley running mechanism and the trolley frame. As the bridge and lifting mechanism directly bear the weight of lifting items, so their working safety directly affects the safety of the whole bridge machine. Advanced and reasonable methods should be adopted in the design of the bridge, and a variety of safety measures should also be taken in the hoisting mechanism. The lifting mechanism is composed of motor, reducer, brake device, drum device, wire rope and so on. Some preventive measures should also be taken for these components.

For example, the motor, using "double insurance", prepares several more groups of motors when working, so that if one group of motors cannot work with a click, the other group of motors can ensure the normal operation of the brake device, in order to improve the effectiveness of the brake, The main lifting mechanism generally uses double braking, that is, one motor is equipped with two brakes; Drum device, the lifting object of the bridge machine is directly wound around the drum through the wire rope, so the rising and falling speed of the goods is controlled by the reel. Adding an emergency brake to the reel can prevent the rapid fall of the goods from happening.

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