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80 ton Gantry Crane Ready Shipment for Power China


Sinokocrane is the leading gantry crane manufacture of china and cooperate with many high advanced users.Sinokocrane have made 80 ton gantry crane for adjustable crane span for power china.This kind of gantry crane are having very big span more than 40m span. Our sinokocrane design the main beam as several independent parts. Easy installation with screws.

 If necessary, the crane span could enlarge or keep smaller by adding or removing some parts of the main beam.

This kind of gantry crane design is quite popular for power station construction in China. After the gantry crane finish one power station project, it is easily to be moved to another project by adjust the span freely.

Sinokocrane always are full of crane design innovation. Any design are fully considered for customers.

80 ton gantry crane .jpg

gantry crane 80 ton.jpg

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