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1.When the suction material temperature is lower than 100°C, please use the normal temperature type. When it exceeds 100°C, please select the high temperature type.

2. When the power continuity rate exceeds 60%, please use high-frequency type.

3.When lifting materials underwater, please use submersible type (dive depth 100m). Submersible electromagnets have the same parameters as the normal temperature type. Therefore, the sample is not listed. If the user requires a submersible type, please specify when ordering.

4. Environment temperature: normal temperature -5 °C ~ 40 °C, high temperature -5 °C ~ 80 °C. The altitude does not exceed 2000m.

5. Equipment matching: The power (current) of the rectifier control equipment is more than or equal to the sum of the cold power (current) of single or multiple units.

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