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Container gantry cranes are used in container terminals or railway freight stations. After the trailer is transported to the yard by the trailer, the container gantry crane is stacked or directly loaded and transported, which can speed up the turnover of the container carrier bridge or other cranes. The stacking yard of containers with a height of 3-4 layers and a width of 6 rows can be stacked, generally with a tire type, and also with a rail type. Compared with container straddle cranes, container gantry cranes have larger spans and heights on both sides of the gantry. In order to adapt to the transportation needs of the port terminal, this type of crane has a higher level of work. The lifting speed is 8-20 m/min; the span is determined according to the number of rows of containers that need to be crossed. The maximum lifting capacity is about 60 meters. The lifting capacity of the 20-, 30-, and 40-foot containers is about 20 to 45 tons. .

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Sinokocranes have rich experiance in rail mounted gantry crane for container handling. The RMG has below technical features: Cargo handling device of 40t loading capacity for containers of large capacity (20 & 40 ft containers) – a spreader with an electric drive. It should ensure the following:

- extension (telescoping) for catching 20/40 ft containers;

- rotation of 20/40 ft containers;

- possibility of 20/40 ft container handling in winter at ambient temperature up to 40 ºC and when the thickness of snow laid on a container is not less than 10 centimeters;

 Control cabinet on the spreader should be not lower than IP-54.

Cargo handling device should be equipped with:

- loops for suspension of strops/cords to handle faulty (malformed) containers (strops/cords are not included in the delivery set);

- a system of signal and blocking devices for preventing the spreader  from lifting while spreader trippets are not working or in case of malfunction.

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