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Metallurgical cranes include black metallurgical cranes, non-ferrous metallurgical cranes, and hot-working cranes.

Black metallurgical cranes usually refer to special cranes that complete specific processes in the production process of iron making, steel making, and rolling steel. Non-ferrous metallurgical cranes usually refer to special cranes dedicated to smelting plants of non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminum, nickel, lead, zinc, etc.). Hot-working cranes are usually used to change the shape and material of workpieces in hot working (forging, heat treatment) workshops. Special cranes for metallographic processes. The special or special cranes mentioned above are collectively referred to as metallurgical cranes.

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Sinokocranes is specialized in steel industry use cranes for many years. Not only for hot melting or rolling process but also for cold rolling and storage conditions. Sinokocranes have a deep knowledge on special requirements of steel sector. No matter cranes for melting, casting or rolling process, sinokocranes always have a better solution for you.

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