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Sinoko European standard EOT crane uses advanced design concepts and follow FEM standard, ISO standard, DIN standard. European bridge crane has the characteristics of light weight, small size and small wheel load. Compared with traditional cranes, this product has the smallest limit distance from hook to wall and the lowest clearance height. European bridge cranes can work closer to the ground and have higher lifting height, which actually increases the effective workspace of existing factory buildings.

According to the construction, it is divided into Single Girder European Overhead Crane, Double Girder European Overhead Crane, European Gantry crane,According to the hoisting mechanism, it is divided into electric hoist type overhead cranes and winch trolley type overhead cranes. European bridge cranes are available in various designs and configurations to ensure that you get the perfect system for material handling.

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Sinokocranes is a leading European standard overhead cranes manufacturer in China. We had introduced European technology and follow the world advanced crane manufacturing standard, such as FEM standard, ISO standard, DIN standard. This new type of overhead crane has light weight structure and excellent performance, it reduces the hook limit and effectively improves the utilization rate of space, and also enables customers to reduce the cost of steel structure or plant investment.

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