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Q:What are the purposes and operation procedures of single-girder crane

The single-girder crane belongs to a type of crane, but it is different from a general crane in terms of its structure. It uses a single beam design, which is more convenient and quicker to operate.

1:The use of single-girder cranes
   Single-girder cranes are generally used in warehouses, factories and other places. They play a good role in transporting and hoisting articles, which saves a lot of manpower. However, they cannot be applied to the handling of flammable and explosive materials, and generally require a relatively stable environment. Used in. It can be used for both high-altitude hoisting and ground transportation. The user can select an appropriate single-girder crane transport mode according to the actual operation needs.

2: The single beam crane operating procedures analysis
    The operation of a single-girder crane needs to be observed before operation. Generally before the operation, we need to test the safety performance of the single-girder crane, check whether the equipment is normal and remove all the unstable factors; in the actual operation, we It is necessary to implement operations in accordance with the correct operating specifications, carry out production strictly in accordance with the system, and do regular inspections of equipment to ensure the normal operation of single-girder cranes.


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