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Q:What are the solutions to the safety limiters of the gantry crane and overhead crane


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Solution to them

  We should ideologically attach great importance to the safety management of special equipment and earnestly strengthen leadership. Institutionally strengthen and improve the organization and management of special equipment, and deploy powerful professional management personnel to meet the management requirements. The management system shall have the following contents:

(1) Emergency rescue plan for hoisting machinery accident;

(2) Functional management department and Driver's job responsibility system;

(3) Safety operation technical regulations;

(4) Maintenance and overhaul, transformation, retirement system;

(5) Daily inspection and regular inspection maintenance and maintenance system;

(6) Management, operation and maintenance personnel training and evaluation system;

(7) Operating personnel shift system;

(8) Lifting machine safety technical file management system.

  Strengthen equipment self-checking and daily maintenance. Units using special equipment shall regularly and regularly perform regular daily maintenance on the special equipment in use, and shall conduct regular self-checks. Units using special equipment shall carry out self-inspection at least once a month for special equipment in use and make records. Units using special equipment shall timely handle the abnormal conditions found in the use of special equipment for self-inspection and routine maintenance. Units using special equipment shall regularly check and overhaul the safety accessories, safety protection devices, measurement and control devices and related auxiliary instrumentation of the special equipment in use, and make records.

  The inspection agency shall strictly follow TSGQ7015-2008 "Rules for the Inspection of Hoisting Machinery" and carry out inspections in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations. The inspection of lifting machinery gradually develops in the direction of standardization and standardization, which will be more conducive to the development of inspection work. Combined with relevant standards, each crane is carefully and comprehensively tested to avoid missed inspections and false detections. Accurate and scientific evaluations are made to ensure that the cranes are safe to run and better for the overall situation. Transport production safety services.

  Increase safety investment, track new technologies and new products, and timely upgrade and upgrade the crane.
If the height limiter is changed to a screw type, the impact on the contacts and accessories is reduced and the positioning is accurate. Or install two-stage limit, one-stage screw type, one-level heavy hammer type, screw type installed at the previous level; set the weight-type limiter and screw-type limiter in different control loops to play double safety protection Features. Or install the QLXC-37 crane hook upper and lower limit safety protection device, characterized by reasonable structure, high repeatability, limit accuracy, complete functions and high reliability. It is more conducive to the safe use of lift stoppers.

  The size of the vehicle travel stroke limiter can be divided into electromechanical stopper and electronic stopper according to the working principle or structure. Electromechanical stoppers use the safety triggers, drive shafts and other mechanical triggering components to control the electrical circuit to achieve the protection function. The electronic stoppers use electronic devices with fixed functions such as proximity switches to control the electrical circuit to achieve the protection function.

(1) Instead of using the new type of cross limit switch in place of the original LX series switch, the safety scale of the cross limit switch has been changed to a safety striker and the running track is arranged vertically. The impact force is small in actual use, and there is no LX series limit switch and The safety scale is out of reach due to misalignment.
(2) The non-contact travel limiter is used instead of the original switch for non-contact travel limiters. Proximity switches such as photoelectric, inductive, and reed switches are commonly used in the non-contact travel limiters to avoid contact-type travel limiters. Structural forms and installation methods often occur due to collision and damage, and are affected by the environment and get wet, corroded, and rust, resulting in failure to reset the connecting rod, failure of the tension spring, and poor contact. It is shock-free and more stable and effective.
(3) The laser anti-collision device is used as the travel limit device of the cart, and the laser anti-collision device is a non-contact operation limit device. It consists of a laser anti-collision radar, a control alarm box, a reflection target, and a connection cable. It has the characteristics of long range, strong anti-interference ability, high precision without impact, and strong identification capability. Currently used on bridge cranes.

  Interlock protection The limit switch is recommended to use the non-contact travel limiter especially for open-air cranes to avoid moisture, corrosion, and rust due to environmental influences, resulting in no resetting of the connecting rod and failure of the tension spring and failure of contact failure and failure.

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