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Q:What are the common problems with the crane's three major components - hooks, wire ropes, and brakes

The three major components of a crane are hooks, wire ropes and brakes. Once these three components have problems, they can easily cause hanging objects to fall and even cause serious casualties.

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The common problem of the hook is mainly the decoupling of the wire rope, that is, when the object is bundled badly, the angle between the wire ropes exceeds 120 degrees, or the hook is laterally touched during lifting, and the wire rope is pulled out from the hook when the bottom of the weight is rested. . In addition, since the hooks are made of gray cast iron or cast steel materials, they are brittle, not resistant to impact, and easily broken. Therefore, if the yard is narrow or the operator carelessly handles during the hanging process, the pulley will be damaged due to collision. And damaged. Once the pulley is damaged, the breakage of its rim can cause the wire rope to be cut, and even cut the wire rope and cause an accident. If the operator fails to refuel the hook pulley in time, the pulley may cause excessive wear of the bottom of the groove due to inflexible rotation, and the pulley will be cracked for a long time and the hook will issue an accident during operation. Not only that, when the amount of wear at the bottom of the groove increases, the steel wire rope will be embedded deep in the country, increasing the frictional resistance, which will lead to deeper embedment of the wire rope and increase of resistance, which will lead to wire pulling and speed up scrapping.


    Wire rope common problems are generally more human factors. For example, when the operator is operating, the wire rope is often rubbed and scratched by some equipment and buildings, resulting in partial wire breakage and deformation of the outer layer of the wire rope; when the reel is operated, the wire rope is wrapped around the reel and disorderly; the hook is in the air They often twisted and twisted the steel wire rope. The steel wire rope was rusted due to lack of oil for a long time. The steel wire rope was frequently burned by high temperature, and the steel wire rope was burned when it hit the power high voltage wire. This was also the cause of the accident.


Common problems with brakes include: damage to the main spring of the brake or excessive looseness of the brake; insufficient brake torque; excessive wear of the brake shoe to expose the cap nail, resulting in insufficient friction; the brake cannot hold heavy objects; the brake lever lock nut is loose, and the lever If the brake is open, or the brake system is affected by the joints, etc., the brake brake shoe opening gap is not normal. When the brake is opened, the brake is too tight, which is unfavorable because the brake opening gap is less than the normal value. The resistance of the turning wheel will increase, and it will often smell the smell of the caramel. When the friction expands, it will stop the car and cause an accident.

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