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Steel mill cranes are mainly suitable for special cranes for metal smelting, binding and hot working.

1. The working level of steel mill crane is higher than that of ordinary crane, and the safety factor is larger. Double brake and double limit are adopted.
2. Steel mill crane requires cable, electricity and motor to meet the requirements of high temperature resistance, and the beam body has high temperature resistance and other protective measures.

Sinokocranes can provide durable lifting equipment for every stage of steel mill production: scrap yard cranes, melting shop cranes, rolling and storage area cranes.

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Sinokocranes is specialized in steel industry use cranes for many years. Not only for hot melting or rolling process but also for cold rolling and storage conditions. Sinokocranes have a deep knowledge on special requirements of steel sector. No matter cranes for melting, casting or rolling process, sinokocranes always have a better solution for you.

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